Frequently Asked Questions


  • My Licence Key Isn't Recognised

    You must enter your Registration Name and Licence Key exactly as they appear in your registration email, including capital letters and punctuation. For this reason, we strongly recommend using Copy and Paste to ensure that both the Registration Name and Licence Key are entered perfectly.

    To copy your User Name, highlight it in your registration email (ensuring that only your Name is selected, with no additional letters or spaces before or after it), right-click the hilighted text and choose Copy. To paste this into the Licence Dialog, right-click the text entry box under Name and choose Paste.

    To copy your Licence Key, highlight it in your registration email (ensuring that only your Licence Key is selected, with no additional letters or spaces before or after it), right-click the hilighted text and choose Copy. To paste this into the Licence Dialog, right-click the text entry box under Licence Key and choose Paste.

    Click the OK button on the Licence Dialog to confirm that you have entered your details.

    The product must be restarted before the registration changes take effect. If you are running it as a plug-in, you should restart the host. If you are using the standalone version, you should restart the application.

    Some hosts can 'steal' key presses from hosted plug-ins, meaning that the Licence dialog won't receive them. In this case, we recommend using the Standalone version to register the product.

    Still having problems registering your product? Contact Loomer support directly.

  • My Licence Key Hasn't Arrived

    Licence Keys are dispatched automatically and immediately upon purchase. In the vast majority of cases, you will receive your key instantly.

    Please check your spam or junk folder: email filters may occasional mark legitimate emails as spam.

    Please check that your email account can currently receive email and that your inbox is not full and so rejecting incoming messages.

    If your key hasn't arrived within 30 minutes, feel free to contact us. Ideally, please also give an alternative email address that we can use to contact you in case your primary email isn't working.

Plug-in Formats

  • Do you provide plug-ins in AAX format? Will your plug-ins work with ProTools?

    All our products are available in AAX 64-bit format and will work on any 64-bit version of Pro Tools on Windows or macOS.

  • Do your plug-ins work with host ...?

    Providing the host supports plug-ins in the VST, Audio Unit, or AAX format, it should work. In practice however, some hosts do not adhere entirely to the format specification. In these cases, we can work with the host developers to try and fix any issues; contact us to inform us of any problems you have with specific hosts.

    Our plugins have been tested and confirmed to work in: GarageBand, Logic, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Renoise, Sonar, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cantabile, and Tracktion, amongst others.

  • Do I need a host application?

    No: all products can be run as standalone applications.


  • What are the limitations of the evaluation?

    The limitations are different for each product, but generally: Instruments will temporarily stop producing audio after 30 minutes of continuous use. Restarting the product (in Standalone operation), or removing and adding the plug-in instance (in plug-in operation) will the allow audio to continue. Effects will periodically (approximately ever 30 seconds) produce a few seconds of silence. For both instruments and effects, any Banks or Programs you have created in the evaluation versions can be saved, but loading saved sounds back into the application will require a licence.

  • Why does the sound fade in and out every 30 seconds?

    This is a limitation of the demo: the registered version does not have these fades.

  • Why does the sound stop completely after about 30 minutes?

    This is a limitation of the demo: the registered version does not time out.

  • Why can't I open my saved presets?

    This is a limitation of the demo: only the registered version can open saved presets.


  • How are your products delivered.

    Products are delivered as a digital download.


  • Is there any kind of intrusive copy protection?

    No: registration comes in the form of a Name and Licence Key. There is no challenge/response checking, and registration of a product does not require an internet connection.

  • I've upgraded my studio. How do I register my products on a new computer?

    Your Licence Key isn't tied to a specific computer. Just install the product on the new computer, and enter your Licence Key into it. No internet connection or challenge/response check is required.

  • Do I need to purchase a licence for each plug-in format? If I want to use a product on Windows, macOS, and Linux, do I need a licence for each?

    No: your licence entitles you to install the software in all formats.

  • How many machines can I install on?

    For personal use, whether commercial or non-commercial, your licence entitles you to install the software any number of times, on all computers that you own. A single licence can, for example, be used on your home computer, laptop, and studio machine. If an organisation would like to purchase a site-wide licence, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • How will my Licence Key be delivered?

    Your Licence Key will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

  • For how many versions will my licence be valid?

    Products purchased directly from us contain a service contract entitling you to a lifetime of upgrades. A holder of such a service contract will be eligible for any new versions, be they major or minor upgrades. In some cases, major upgrades may require new Licence Keys. In these cases, registered users entitled to an upgrade can contact us at to receive their new Licence Keys.

Technical Issues

  • Why is the sound stuttering when running as a standalone application?

    Broken sound can occur when overloading the CPU. This can usually be fixed by either increasing the latency, or decreasing the sample rate. Both options are available on the Audio & MIDI Configuration dialog.

  • Why does MIDI Parameter automation not work?

    MIDI Learn requires that your host forwards MIDI CC messages to the plug-in. Some hosts don't do this, in which case MIDI Learn will not work. Other hosts may require configuration in order to forward MIDI CC messages; consult your host's documentation for details.